Some garden progress

Some strawberries moved, some liberated from the worst crud. And a couple of struggling asparagus.

The other day as I began weeding, after running the sprinkler half a day (we hardly got any rain at all), I was attacked by a swarm of tiny flies. It was truly a whole cloud of them and only while I was working the soil, nowhere else in the garden, not from just wandering around for a looksee. I wonder what’s up with that.

The good news is, I didn’t get a head- and back ache the day after. My exercises must be working even though I don’t feel particularly stronger. Not that I’m in any danger of running amok and digging up the whole lot in a day, in fact this is good speed for being only May.

5 thoughts on “Some garden progress

  1. Tillykke med havearbejdet og manglende følger! Angreb af skyer af sorte fluer … de prøver måske at beskytte dig mod dig selv 😉 Dine asparges er større og flottere end mine, men de blev også skammeligt fprsømt sidste år.

    1. Ægtemanden kalder dem “blogfluer” eftersom vi for første gang nogen sinde blev overfaldet af mini-fluer medens vi lavede havearbejde i går!

      1. Jeg er glad hvis de er flyttet, men beklager meget at de tog hele vejen til nordsjælland! 😀

  2. I do love gardening vicariously through my Northern Hemisphere friends. Your Spring is exciting, (asparagus & strawberries!). Those raised garden beds look fab too. Happy gardening! x

    1. I have to admit that gardening is more of an ideal for me than a real passion. As in, I wish I had the proper amount of energy to put into it but I don’t put it first on my list. Also, there’s not a lot of fun in growing and preserving food when you’re the only one in the household that cares! But all the same, I wouldn’t want to be without it and I love browsing through garden books with lush pictures much like some people are addicted to cook books.

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