Small circles

Source: The fallen – Amy Meissner, textile artist (you’re supposed to click it   šŸ˜‰ )

Wouldn’t it be interesting if “everybody” took action on just a few little things like refusing straws in your drinks and telling out loud every time why. The cashier will hear you, the people in line will hear you, eventually one or two might listen and spread the word.

Movements don’t have to be big, just persistent.

6 thoughts on “Small circles

    1. Oh yes, the scare of being ridiculed, such an efficient oppressor. “Who do you think you are”.

  1. Can picking up trash and being straightforward in our conversation about how much ridiculous trash we produce and then almost immediately throw away be considered heroic work? Yep, I think so!

  2. I recently asked to have my fast food sandwich in paper, not the nasty plastic box, and the older woman behind the counter sighed and said “I wish more people would do that.” I can’t imagine working day in and day out handing out trash, and having no say in the matter.

    but I NEVER gave a thought to straws… we used to get paper straws, I wonder if they exist anymore?

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