Some garden progress

Some strawberries moved, some liberated from the worst crud. And a couple of struggling asparagus.

The other day as I began weeding, after running the sprinkler half a day (we hardly got any rain at all), I was attacked by a swarm of tiny flies. It was truly a whole cloud of them and only while I was working the soil, nowhere else in the garden, not from just wandering around for a looksee. I wonder what’s up with that.

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Garden HELP!!!


Normally I don’t get much help gardening apart from lawn mowing, branch removal and that sort of thing. But since absolutely nothing was done last summer due to our bulding project and a miserable spring, I convinced himself to get out the tiller, appointed two beds where nothing had survived and asked to have the roots and crud raked away. And look what an amazing job he did!

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