Drip drop


Drying the wool was taking forever, so now I have all my buckets in play. I also switched from vinegar to citric acid, because working in the same room as the dye pots are a headache waiting to happen.


I’d rather be done and begin weaving my rug, but at least the view is fun while I chug away at my cotton sample. I do need to find a solution to all the dripping as well as taking up half the room with dangling objects.


7 thoughts on “Drip drop

  1. Ti-hi, det ser da festligt ud. Er vejret ikke godt nok til at du kan have det ude?

      1. Ohh, de killinger. Ja garn og katte er en dårlig kombination, jeg kan stadig huske mine garnnøgler fra jeg var lille … 🙁

  2. Drying like this can take forever. I have a collection of towels in which I roll the newly dyed roving to extract as much water as possible. It seems to help.

    1. I do this with yarn but wanted to mess with the fiber as little as possible since I’ll be weaving it as is. I may have to try it though, because this much fiber is a bit unwieldy to dry all at once!

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