Rug dyeing


With no fixed idea for a design (rather, I’ve had so many my head is just muddled now, and a family crisis didn’t help much) I decided to dye some wool first and then see if I know what it wants. Otherwise I’ll just procrastinate forever, waiting for “perfect” to land in my head. Isn’t it funny how one idea presents itself completely finished, ready to just execute, while others elude you, sometimes right till the end? And there’s no telling which one is the good one either, whether one or the other fails completely.

roving drying I’ll have to rig something in the yard this summer for drip drying.

But procrastinating won’t do in the case of my loom rug, since I want to finish up and move it asap. So I’m trying to conjure up the Saori spirit.

It’s taking longer than I expected because I can’t fit as much into each pot as I’d hoped. And then drying takes days when it’s not summer. But at least I’m getting closer in small steps. And if I end up with an ugly muddled rug, then I just have to plan a new one.

Warp and header yarn for my “lawn design” yoga mat
which you saw in the pot last week.

To be continued…

2 thoughts on “Rug dyeing

  1. I think you’re doing the right thing by just plowing ahead. My feeling is that a body in motion stays in motion so, sometimes, we just need to get moving!

  2. Det ser inspirerende ud. Jeg kan godt lide kontrasten mellem bjælkerne og de hvide vægge. Og så grene til at hænge ting på. Det bliver en blomstereng 🙂

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