Loom extension

I’ve long wanted a few more pattern options on my Lervad no. 9 – not as much since I got the Glimåkra, but still. 8 shafts would require a lot of remodelling (for instance I would have loved to extend all the lamms), so I settled for 6. That means I can work with supplemental warps in designs, at least 3 variations of waffle weave, turned 2/1 twill blocks just to mention a few of the ideas I’ve had over the years.

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“I love deadlines. I love the whooshing noise they make as they go by.”
– Douglas Adams

I knew already by Thursday that today’s planned post wasn’t going to make it – in fact I think this is going to be a kind of short story week overall. So how about I make a little series of “inside the studio” situational images until I have something finished to show, alternatively to say?


Since I’ve spent so much time telling you how little I could do, I’d better counterweight that with a little progress update from the good days. Among other things I managed to grab some more photographic weather, so I now have a gazillion horse- and sunset photos to process and compile into little galleries now that it’s getting colder. Continue reading “Activities”

July WIP Wednesday


Thanks to those of you writing to wish me well – I’m much better now but have been taking it slow and easy for a while, and I suspect I’m going to need my second chiro visit on the 15th to unstuck my neck once more, but hope to manage until then. The cat luckily is back to his usual goofy, ever hungry self; my theory is that he swallowed a bee or something like that, because we could find no explanation of his sudden peevishness.

There has been some light reading, for instance:

The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society
The very last Discworld novel (#41): The Shepherd’s Crown

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Studio project 12


I realized that while I’ve shown glimpses from my room after finishing, I never officially wrote the last post of our building project. I’m still waiting for one set of shelves for books and weaving gear, but that requires a remodelling of G’s office, so I’ll count that as improvement rather than part of the “done”.

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