12 thoughts on “Studio anniversary

  1. Det ser ud som mit projektrum (eller for at være ærlig ser det faktisk bedre ud end mit rum – midre proppet, lysere, mere inspirerende). Entropi som filosofisk begreb har jeg aldrig rigtig fattet, men rent fysisk kan jeg jo se følgerne hver dag. Tillykke med “fødselsdagen”

    1. Nåja, så længe det ikke nærmer sig Francis Bacon tilstande, så går det vel nok. Men måske jeg rydder en smule op en af dagene – så jeg kan begynde forfra!!

  2. Well, it really needed some touches of color when it was brand new, so you were just fixing that deficiency! It looks great now, very inviting!

  3. It’s your studio to be creative and to make things…that is just what I see in the photo! I love it! One can always tidy up when need be…or not… and just enjoy their own special studio retreat!

    1. Looms are to the left of the camera, you only see half the room in these photos. 🙂 The reason I haven’t shared any weaving lately is because I’m working on “design collections” and it A takes a long time (as in a huge waiting list in my project book) and B I wanted to show the complete projects instead of each individual fabric!

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