How To Go Viral

A very timely post on many levels, one of them being how I’m not really posting here at the moment.

I have been instagramming a bit, so you could always scoot over there to have a look, you can view and comment even on a PC.

Anyway, I recommend Sarah’s list on how to “go viral” (it may not be what you think it is). This was my favourite of her suggestions and wise words:

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Inspirations 10

It’s been a while since we had one of these posts! In fact this has been sitting as a draft for a year today exactly. So I’ll release it into the wild with one newly found link as well as the ones I found last year.

Quirky woven baskets


Quirky New Chalk Characters

Plastered plants with a How To

Surreal creatures

Japanese spinning tops


You know, after a while doing other things, I somehow forget how to think in blog-speak. I’ve been contemplating the difference between sharing your projects often vs. not sharing at all until a whole big thing is done. For the former you need to come up with finished items to show, tailored for the blog, which can be a rushed affair with focus on the telling, not the making, forever trying to create variation – it has suited me well enough since I do thrive best with more than one type of activity, but if you become too ambitious you can lose your breath all of a sudden. This typically happens to me with daily challenges for instance, especially when “the world” pounces on you mid project and sucks your batteries dry.

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