How To Go Viral

A very timely post on many levels, one of them being how I’m not really posting here at the moment.

I have been instagramming a bit, so you could always scoot over there to have a look, you can view and comment even on a PC.

Anyway, I recommend Sarah’s list on how to “go viral” (it may not be what you think it is). This was my favourite of her suggestions and wise words:

Appreciate others. It could very well be that we’re here in this world, in this way, because we can help each other. Not one better than another, but everyone different, with something unique to offer – a brilliant theory on quantum physics, a perfect scone recipe, a gentle smile, the height to reach a tin stored on the top shelf, artistic talent. Everyone is important. Everyone is special. Give what you can to others, and appreciate what they give to you.


How To Go Viral

Over the years, I’ve seen these techniques work, and I’m sure you have too. Success is almost guaranteed – although you might never know about it. Going viral is actually quite easy, and it will cost not a single cent.

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