WIP Wednesday 2

Another series of cutouts from a recent project, which came about as I was listening to a couple of forgotten Mike Oldfield albums.
Also a possible “collection”, although they happen as in-betweeners and so far aren’t remotely related in style, only in their titles and origin. This is the third Oldfield canvas, it’s taking its time because I keep futzing about, changing things but not really improving them.

She Walks Through the Fair“, closeups from various (earlier!) stages of painting:

There will be finished paintings on display here in due time, but I tend to work slowly most of the time, circulating images or even themes, sometimes taking a few days to work on my loom instead. But as I mentioned last week, I can’t rush my ideas, and luckily for my self esteem it seems I’m not alone in this. In a podcast Heather Day tells us how she’s working on up to 50 paintings at a time, “not counting the small ones”, and I’ve heard others say their works are sometimes years in the making. Phew. I need to hear that sometimes, as I have friends who whip up lovely new paintings every few days!

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