Hard work, even less talk.

Spinning chunky yarn on my Elizabeth has proven quite an ordeal, since I can’t get the ratio low enough and still make the wheel wind on the yarn, but my back is ready to give it another go for my little rug test project. And if the future I’ll have to figure that issue into yarn designs. Continue reading “Hard work, even less talk.”

No work, no talk

paintbanner4My recent back issue is pretty much resolved and back to its normal “slightly sore and stiff”, but of course my other physical issues want their rotational say in the matter, so I haven’t been very active this month. There’s always a transitional process going in the opposite direction too, first you have to get used to not making, against your will, then after intertia sets in you need to figure out how and where to begin again. (and sometimes why?) Continue reading “No work, no talk”

Actual doodling

I’ve noticed another interesting tendency when it comes to drawing and doodling, but felt I was running out of space in my last post.

25 years ago without internet, when I doodled it was MY creatures and shapes, I thought they were funny and original. These days, because there are so many pretty things to ogle, I see my tastes run exactly the same course as everybody elses.

Continue reading “Actual doodling”

Doodle time?


How long has it been since I “promised” to perform daily doodles and new postcards? 3 years? Well, I think we can safely say that it’s probably not my thing to commit to daily fixed tasks at all, because I haven’t done much of either. Continue reading “Doodle time?”