6 thoughts on “How is this even a discussion?

    1. (And I didn’t mean to hit send yet) and all the other parts of society that are there to help, protect or teach its inhabitants. The point is not for someone to get rich. And NPM can just disappear, public services are not for profit corporations. It drives me nuts.

      1. Solidarity and compassion seems to be obsolete words these days. And I’m not even a people person, I still find it shameful the way we’re headed.

  1. I am so sorry it’s come to this. I t makes me all the more grateful for the national health service in my own little country. Hugs.

    1. We have it too, but budgets are pushing doctors to do “as little as possible” such as sending people home before they are fully recovered.

      The world has become a strange place. I’m hoping it’s transitional, getting all the nastiness out in the open and the light so the debate will change minds eventually for the better.

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