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Making this post has made me realize two things: A. my life is very dull and onesided B. My mind is even narrower because of all the things I don’t think to take pictures of. I also realized B is perhaps just an excuse to not admit completely to A. I obviously can’t count either.

I don’t mean dull as in being bored or not doing many things, which I obviously do if you’ve been following along, but they do tend to revolve around the same. I seem to mostly be looking a plants and the sky and nothing much besides! Of course, that’s what we’ve got to look at out here. I need to drive to the “city” (18 km) for some bits and bobs but most importantly more hydrosulphite to make blue, but I never thought of taking pix there. We usually just go to the mall, quickly scoop up what we need and head back home. Not really worth looking at.

How often do you do extraordinary things?

19 thoughts on “My week in images

  1. Wow en flot regnbue. Jeg prøver at tage billeder af vore regnbuer hver gang, og det bliver altid en lidt fesen, uskarp affære. Hvad gør du? eller er det bare et spørgsmål om udstyr?

    1. Det er faktisk taget med et halvgammelt lommekamera jeg har arvet, selvom jeg også har spejlrefleks. Men jeg bruger manuelle indstillinger på det lille også, og her har jeg undereksponeret 1 trin. Men det var altså også en umanerlig skarp og kraftig regnbue i går. Og ellers er der jo Photoshop, men ikke lige her.

  2. boring …….dull…..? how often do you do extraordinary things???
    I read a lot of blogs from places other than my dull boring midwest US and sometimes think that what seems dull to me is exotic to someone in another country.
    you are never dull PIA ; ) and always very busy!!

    1. 🙂 I’m glad you enjoy. It’s funny how some think I am busy, I see other people and wonder how they juggle jobs, kids, hobbies, cleaning their house, having friend and family arrangements and then they also jog?!

  3. I agree, never dull, plus your photos are always extraordinary! I love your cat, your dog, and your cup of tea with books. That is what I want right now, snuggles with some furry friends, tea, and a book. 🙂

    1. 😀 Always someone here to snuggle with, even now that my cat/dog population has been halved. It’s going to be so weird when they are gone. (I have three old ones, 15 and 11 y.o.)

    1. Kedelig er måske det forkerte udtryk, ensporet snarere? Jeg er sikker på de fleste bymennesker ville få mavesår af af tulle rundt med mig herude på overdrevet og glo på blomster eller vikle garn op. 😉

  4. As far as I can see, you tend to focus on the best things in life, things that give you most pleasure and contentment, so it can’t be dull or boring to continue focusing on those things, especially since you already have much more varied interests than many others and you regularly try out new things to expand your creative skills. So perhaps it seems “dull” (as in “unchanging” to you) but it certainly doesn’t seem like that to people who look at your life from the outside.

    Having said that, I nearly always take photos of plants or landscapes, but I keep thinking I should try something entirely different like architecture or people in cities just to get out of my comfort zone. And I’m sure I’ll try it out, the next time there’s a good opportunity, but I suspect it is always the natural/organic things that really speak to me so I don’t think pushing boundaries is the most important value in itself, but to spend one’s limited time and energy on those things that matter most to you.

    1. Yes, I did mean unchanging rather than dull, I mean it’s not like I’m bored. But it must seem so to other people who go shopping, to cafes or whatever. I don’t even watch tv apart from Doctor Who 😉

      Interesting take on pushing the comfort zone vs. spending/wasting energy on something that isn’t really “you”. Yes, it is pretty useless trying to be someone you’re not. And really, I do have enough projects lined up without forcing myself to look for others….. thanks for reminding me!

      1. I always think the truly interesting people who have a rich inner life rarely need to lead a life that is outwardly full of excitement, variety and distractions because there’s so much interesting stuff going on in their heads. Creative thought just needs an element of “dullness”, it’s the space in which it can thrive and grow. So I am definitely in favour of dullness 🙂

        1. That makes sense. I certainly don’t need any more activity on the inside of my skull than I already have! And I must say I much prefer this scenario to one where you run from one party to the next bungee jump with an empty head, LOL.

  5. I have found doing my week in pictures for my bloghas made me more conscious of what I get up to in the week. Sometimes I think as you do … crikey I just spend my life painting, walking and eating cakes !! When I do something out of the ordinary I am getting better at remembering to record it , as I want to include in my post . However I think you underestimate what you do … and how interesting it is to others . I am starting to think one persons ordinary is another persons extraordinary…. I love looking at your photos and the amazing stuff you do with plants !

    1. Cakes are a very important part of life! I didn’t have any this week though, I need to start moving around more first. But I definitely think about cake a lot.

      I do of course enjoy immensely that other people enjoy my pix, and then telling me. 😉

  6. agree with all these comments. I have a really good friend who is always reminding me of this when i say the same that i am just doing things for the sake of doing because I enjoy them. 1; That she admires my talents LOL and 2. my enthusiasm for them spurs her on. so I think it you all right one persons same is another persons exciting! Keep doing it! I say.

    1. Hi, thanks for stopping by to read and comment. It appears these thoughts commenly appear to many of us, perhaps they are just part of the process. Enthusiasm is a wonderful thing to experience, both in yourself and others, better than vitamins! Let’s keep that in mind when we are in doubt….

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