Colour explosion

I went to my LYS the other day to ask for the Addi Click Heartstoppers I’d ordered (not there yet) and to get a couple of black skeins of the yarn I’m using for my hexagon blanket, since I’ve now decided on a stained glass effect with the edges. (fwiw, does anyone have a clue why my edges make the hexagons skewed? I count and I count to get the increases at proper intervals, testing 1 more or less stitch when I start, they’re all the same. It’s driving me nuts with this black yarn)


Only this brand has come out with new colours. Sitting on her desk as I was waiting. So I had to take one of each (well, not quite, I left the pink one behind), just so I could keep them to look at. Really, I have no idea what to make of them. They are SW extra fine merino, so technically they are wearable, but they’re also not very elastic so I doubt they’d make a great hat. Shawl-scarf?


I wanted to test cochineal – which I’ve never used before – over yellow to see if that made orange (it doesn’t), so used a couple of small goldenrod hanks I just dyed. And since my small items scales are wonky, I used far too much cochineal, so I ended up dyeing 3 larger hanks as well as some silk. Whoa! My eyes hurt! I wonder if they’ll turn purple in indigo…. I have a somewhat 20 skein experiment lined up, but that will be later. It’s a grey day today, trust me, the colour is even more vibrant up close and personal!


Farveorgie i pinkdanish

Jeg var bare nede i garnbutikken for at spørge til de Addi Click hjertestoppere jeg har bestilt og for at hente lidt sort Arwetta til kanterne på mit hexitæppe. Og så havde hun lige så uskyldigt lagt nye farver frem på sin disk, som jeg var nødt til at tage med hjem! (pånær den i pink) Nej, nej, hun vidste ikke jeg kom, det var helt tilfældigt.

Pink har vi fået nok af denne uge, jeg havde spekuleret på, hvordan gult ville se ud overfarvet med cochenille, bliver det mon orange? (nej, det gør det ikke) Men jeg havde fået vejet for meget af, fordi min mini-vægt er lidt i udu, så jeg endte med at farve 3 fed mere + lidt silke, og det er da lige før man får ondt i øjnene! Jeg spekulerer nu på om de bliver lilla, hvis man overfarver med indigo. Jeg har et større eksperiment linet op med de små biller, men det bliver senere.

14 thoughts on “Colour explosion

  1. Hallo Pia,

    thanks for that colours at that rainy day. As a young I worked with stained glass(restoration) and since this times i like the style of colours between black lines.

    God idea for knitting, too…:-)

    1. Yes, the black contrast makes the colours pop out even more, I always liked that too. And at the same time makes it more uniform from something that could otherwise look too messy.

  2. great colours, I can see why you couldn’t leave that wool in the shop 🙂

    Conchineal is on my list too, I too want to mix it with indigo to see if I can make nice purples. I wonder why you don’t get orange if you mix it with yellow? What did you get??

  3. I can see why you could not resist that yarn! Not sure what you should make with it, maybe you should just look at it? 🙂 thanks for posting so much about using plants to dye, I am just starting to experiment with dyes, have not tried making my own natural ones (Truly, I have just tried Kool-Aid in a crock pot) but you are making me think about what to grow next year…

    1. Perhaps I should make a display, instead of a bouquet of flowers?

      I haven’t tried Kool-Aid, we don’t get it here, but I do use acid dyes from time to time as well, and that’s equally as fun as the plants!

      1. You could – wind them into balls and put them in a pretty bowl… I often walk into my yarn store and think ” I want th ewhol ewall, just like that, in my house.” Haven’t done it yet, though. 🙂

        1. I actually talked to the LYS owner about that. “How I could just keep pulling down all the yarns”. She then said, perhaps it would be cool to have a gift certificate /competition for “empty the store in xx minutes!” Cool indeed.

    1. Thanks! You mean because the rows are longer than the columns in the knitted part? I tried to make up for that by having fewer stitches on the “long” sides, but it makes no difference.

      I wonder if it’s because the crochet is done in a spiral, but then all round crochet pieces are! So I still don’t understand why they tilt sideways. I can stretch them of course, but I don’t know what that will do to the finished fabric, and frankly I don’t want to find out after making and assembling 250 hexagons + the little triangles that go between….

      1. Yes, that is what I mean, you might ask several people, at the yarn shop for example, how they think it looks, the difference may be so minor, no work is ever perfect, that is part of the beauty, good luck 🙂 Annie

  4. Man kan altsÃ¥ godt fÃ¥ mundvand af skønne farver 🙂 ForstÃ¥r, at du mÃ¥tte eje 🙂
    Og de pink !!
    De er da skønne !!!

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