7 thoughts on “Mayday

    1. I’ve been wondering if it’s laziness or what that makes it so easy to wander down that road.

  1. Det ser herligt ud. Hvad hedder salatplanten – jeg kan pinligt nok ikke genkende den på billedet?

      1. SKØNT! Min oregano er slet ikke fremme endnu, men du bor jo også sydpå 😉

  2. Is that rhubarb? If so, what is the cake you make with it?
    I love the stuff – just planted one a week ago, but probably won’t be able to harvest until next year – I make it into pies, crumbles, or most often a jam/compote sort of thing…

    1. Crumble (try it with oatmeal, nuts, coconut! (and/or)) and compote with vanilla are also my goto recipes. But a flattish sponge/pound cake with either a compote and meringue on top or with rhubarb pieces in it are also nice.

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