Is anybody out there?

…or are you all too busy preparing for the holidays to visit Blogland? As for me I think I’ve got my back under control once more, my sleep cycle has readjusted to waking up at 6 without an alarm. Now I just have to shed the habit of dillydallying about and use my time more efficiently while I have it. No cookie baking or hanging of ornaments, I just want to do my thing.

I also want to get back to sharing those things and forced myself to the keyboard this dark morning (7 hours of daylight at the moment, thankfully that will soon increase!), the clock just turned to 8 and there’s a hint of shapes outside my window if I focus, so I’ve used my fancy app to turn on the studio heater via wifi, isn’t that clever? to be ready for the light.

But I pondered whether I should simply write a collection of posts and schedule them for the new year, because maybe then they’d actually get some attention?  😉

  • There’s the first leg of my summer fabrics collection done and taking a break while I plan the new batch. Hopefully they’ll become something this spring, finally. Along with the ones I did two(?) years ago and then lost courage to cut into because I got fat.
  • I’m going to attempt weaving a thick yoga matt, because my bones are in agony with just a thin standard one for sideways exercises.
  • There’s a variety of little painting experiments, although I really should post those to the other blog.
  • And I’m sure once I get my brain back online I could have another thing or two to chitchat about.
  • Like for instance I got these lovely new barefoot style winter boots and they are crying out for handknit socks from regular sock yarn (as in not the chunky ski sock variety)

24 thoughts on “Is anybody out there?

  1. Godmorgen Pia, Det er godt at se dig i aktion igen. I hvert fald jeg har ikke for travlt med julepynt og -kager endenu til at læse og skrive på diverse blogs rundt omkring.
    Det der med at væve yogamåtter lyder spændende. Hvordan vil du væve én der er tyk nok uden at den bliver for grov i teksturen?

    1. Godmorgen. (og det er blevet lyst i mellemtiden!) Sådan da. Med skyer på.

      Jeg havde egentlig ikke tænkt over at måtten ikke måtte (haha) være grov i strukturen. Tænker du på knopper der borer sig ind i flæsket fx? Det må jo komme an på en prøve. Ellers kan den måske, hvis den ikke bliver for tung, agere rulle-sammen-og-læse-i-naturen-måtte? Jeg har tænkt på flere forskellige udformninger, men kan jo kun teste en af gangen, og det er trods alt begrænset hvor mange jeg har brug for. Ellers kan jeg måske simpelthen lægge den under neoprenmåtten. Binde dem sammen så det ikke skrider? Jeg har en anden ide i den sammenhæng, men dette garn bliver for tykt.

      1. 😉 Én yoga-måtte er da vist nok, jo. Og det var netop sådan nogle, bore sig in i lårflæsket-dutter, jeg tænkte på. Lægge den under den glatte måtte og så binde eller sy fast. Det lyder smart.
        Her er også skyet og vådt. Må tage mig sammen til at gå ud og fodre høns. Læse foregår bedst indendørs i dag. Men jeg vil rydde op i mit projektrum. Jeg tør slet ikke poste et før-billede på min blog. Det roder virkelig meget. Måske når jeg er nået halvvejs 😀

        1. Rydde op, bleh. Nej, jeg tror jeg trækker i malertøjet. Måske arbejdsbordet får en overhaling, men kun så der kan blive plads til noget andet.

          1. Jeg skulle næsten have taget et før-billede bare til dig 😉 Jeg kan absolut intet lave, før jeg får ryddet op. Er jeg mon en smule misundelig på dit loft?

  2. I love that cartoon about your plans vs. reality! It feels very familiar! You sound good–glad to know you’re back in track and making big plans!

  3. I too am eagerly awaiting the solstice and the beginning of the return of light, but you are much farther north than I am – 8 am? Still dark? Ugh. Love the remote to turn on the heat! Great idea! And so many interesting things in your plans, I hope you will post and share about them as they happen. Now, back to cookie baking with you! It warms the house and the soul.

    1. Nah, no baking for me. I used to make filled chocolates, too much stress and too many calories, LOL. I enjoy it all very much, but don’t crave it as much as before.

  4. A lot of my favourite blogs seem to be really slowing down, or just disappearing, either totally, or by no posts for months (years too!). I myself feel i have little to contribute right now, but do enjoy coming here.

    1. I think once a week should be doable, not that it’s a chore, but it’s a question of doing the work or writing about it, I would like to attend to the former when I can. I do hope Blogland doesn’t die off though.

    1. Thank you! I messed up my left SI again taking long walks this w-e, but I’m hoping to fix it with stretches/non-standing work- 🙂

  5. So glad your back is better! You also sound very happy. We’re in the bottom half of England so get possibly a minute or two more of daylight right now – though I don’t mind it so much at the moment.

    I have new barefoot boots too ❤️

    1. Thanks – it’s a relief and a boost to be “on the other side” of a body tantrum, as I’m sure you know.

      I really love the feel of thin soles, my feet get a chance to “grip” uneven surface and move and adapt the muscles inside, surely that is a good thing. It’s done wonders for my achilles inflammation and my knees are mostly better too than a year ago.

  6. I’m glad you’re still posting. I’ve been amiss recently myself but with about 14 hrs a day of other things to do, I’ve had a reason, I mean excuse, for missing a couple days. I still look forward to your Monday posts – one of the better things about first thing on a monday morning.

  7. Happy you are feeling better.

    I know it is different, but I love deep mid winter. For the reasons I wrote in my first post in ‘wisps of words’ blog. Of course, since I am well past retirement age, and do not have to brave driving on roads to work, I can voice such things. For the young, it is very different.

    Wishing you a lovely and Blessed Eve of Yule/Solstice!

    1. Thank you CC, and congratulations on your new blog. I quite share your sentiments, I enjoy lots of daylight but it also feels right in my bones when the seasons turn somehow. I just wish it would cool down even more to get rid of muddy cat paws all over the house, LOL!

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