7 thoughts on “Enjoy the silence

    1. 🙂

      The bread is pure rye with lots of seeds and nuts in it. In DK we have a tradition for rye bread for “non-sweet” sandwiches. I’m experimenting with sourdough and also using old grain sorts that have been “rediscovered”. My body seems to like it a lot better than modern wheat and rye.

      1. It looks wonderful I just looked at a blog with some wonderful soup on it so guess what I’m having for my tea – soup and fresh bread. Wish it was rye bread cos yours looked so nice.

        1. Soup sounds great, and just the weather for it. Do you have any favourite recipes? Rye is very tasty, not bland like bleached flour. Some think the taste is a bit too strong. Even the white bread I make have all the bits ground together, no sifting, no bleaching, all original grain sorts rather than modified for efficiency and it’s just a huge step up in quality imo.

          1. Yes I love to make a Dutch soup called ‘bruine bonen (brown bean). I like to make my own bread too and texture is popular.

  1. I have also been enjoying silences – the parts of the day where the fridge and freezer aren’t purring, the air conditioning is cycled off, no computers are on. I’ll turn off the music and the fan and listen to the spaces between the clocks ticking.
    The bread looks yummy.

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