Yarn season

This post was actually created in April when I thought I was on a spinning binge (which, as usual, was interrupted and never returned to). Deeply convinced I’d be doing all sorts of yarny things all summer long! What really happens is that I never do as many fibery things as I expect/imagine, no matter what season is passing by. I just have to stop deluding myself that I live on a desert island. šŸ˜‰

spinning fibers
Old bundles to be dealt with asap!

Today it’s raining and cold, after a long heatwave it suddenly feels like autumn already. I felt the shift internally before it happened and began to think wooly thoughts of thick woven blankets and muted colours while everything and -body were wilting at 30ƂĀ° C. Odd that. One day browns, rusts, and dark greens just popped into my head and began to form patterns.

15 epi 6/2 wool yarn
Draft for my next practice blanket, featuring plant dyed yarns as weft (in this image shown as white)

So although I’ve always seen myself as a summer person, because that’s when I enjoy the outdoors most, there is a relief in not feeling guilty about wanting to coop up with a loom as I do now. And I feel like picking up my camera again, or at the very least Photoshop. There’s been no painting for the longest time, holiday house projects and many visitors does that to me, but now I begin to feel the itch. I just have to decide at which end to begin, really. It’s relaxing to get all the big summer projects out of the way as well as mind and settle into the everyday activities again, even the boring ones.

from this
to this

And so remains to be seen just how many of my project ideas will see the light of day. I can’t tell you yet which ones will win my attention, that is a choice I have to make day by day. The important thing is to be moving instead of thinking.

First, however, I need to keep an old appointment Monday, then I go see about a heart monitor thingy Tuesday AND to top it off I broke a big corner off a molar on Friday so I guess I’ll be calling the dentist as well. But then I’ll be ready to get back to real life. šŸ˜€

Are you getting ready for yarn season?

6 thoughts on “Yarn season

  1. It’s turned a fair bit cooler here, too and with some of the heavy rain we’ve had it’s been the perfect excuse for curling up with some yarn and needles!

  2. Monitors and molars, visitors and summer heat. Lots going on. I always think of myself as a summer person, too, but lately I’ve been secretly looking forward the quiet of early fall. Sshhhhhh.

    Can’t wait to see what projects do turn up eventually.

  3. Hi Pia. As you know, I am doing a project writing poems about dyeing. I wanted to write some about dyers, and about you. I now have a couple of poems about your experiences, based on my reading of your blog. Would you like to look at them and comment? How could I send them to you? My email is -edited – Jane

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