I knew I wouldn’t have enough variegated yarn for full sleeves on my latest sweater, so I had a backup yarn ready. Only now I don’t know if to continue the wide stripes, redo with only two rows of each colour or all grey. Opinions?

Actually, I’m just thinking, I might do one of each. (the stripe variations – not all three obviously, I’m not that weird)

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7 thoughts on “Decisions

    1. Well, obviously that is the popular choice because I’ve already knit half a sleeve, but I wanted to mull over the options anyway! šŸ™‚

  1. Difficult to judge it isn’t possible to see the whole thing clearly, but I voted for stripes top, grey bottom. At the end of the day it is your choice and all options would look good.

    1. Yeah, I know a wider view would have been helpful, but I always look around the house when taking pix of larger projects and just can’t find any good background that isn’t too busy or against the light.

  2. This is breath taking! I think any of them would look beautiful, though I voted for wide at top, narrow bottom. That sounds interesting + unusual + flattering

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