A huck adventure

– or the tale of a harebrained designer.

Everything went wrong that week. E v e r y t h i n g. You say you want the short version? A list, then – or better yet, why don’t we move along as if nothing has happened and just focus on the huck instead.

I have taken a perverse liking to reconstructing weave drafts from photos of interesting fabrics that I come across online. Some are no doubt the work of an individual designer and not prudent to be shared, others are most likely old and traditional, sitting in various books, a variation on a technique which nobody owns.

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As my posts are dwindling to once a month and my stats to zero, I am however still hobbling along behind the scenes, doing bits and bobs and even finishing stuff on occasion. This is one of my recent projects, which I hope will eventually help alleviate my headaches.

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Cushion survey


As an addendum to my weaving and clothing plans I have questions for all of you:

Which size cushions do you like and why?

Which closure do you prefer?

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If *I* can’t get handwoven cushions from my fabrics, perhaps somebody else would like to! Because there are bound to be leftovers, and I could certainly use some pocket money.

Wardrobe colouring

monks sampling08

Today’s post is related to the previous one. As before I still struggle with my taste for colour, and every time I think I’ve developed a colourscheme of just 3-4 shades, I keep finding a few extras that would also go well. Some of them overlap into the next group, others are completely different. From buddhist monks’ robes to pale greens and blues, from intricate patterns to solids. My brain overloads completely with colours from nature all the time, any season. I could make swatches and sketches as a full time job and never get beyond that.

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Pattern testing

poinsettia1For the last couple of months I’ve spent a lot of time weaving on the computer. Making endless variations of patterns for all 12 shafts, exploring how to enlarge them (rather than just choose a thicker yarn), working from scratch or from downloaded files.

But I wanted to see what it looked like with yarn rather than pixels, so I made a narrow wool warp and planned to do maybe 50 cm of each draft to have a bit of fabric for a sample book and perhaps sew some pincusions or whatever. I should have doubled it in length however because of course I continued learning and developing after I had begun weaving, so after a while my samples became 30, then 25 cm long and as I got to the part where I needed to cut and rethread after each draft as well as running out of yarn, even shorter. Threading errors began to appear because I hurried through, etc. etc.

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