Motherowl asked me if I would host a study group for making nettle yarn. I know some of the bloggers that I follow have already tried this with varying results, but since I like to get my own hands-on failures I’m going through with this project anyway. So I’d love for everyone to chime in, newcomers as well as those who already have the t-shirt. The more info we can gather in one place, the better!

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Nettles revisited

This time round I’m not going to dye with them, and I’m not going to drink them either.


A couple of articles in the latest issue of Väv (a Swedish weaving magazine) talked about nettles and their uses as spinning fiber. Traditionally they’re harvested from August (some say midsummer), but one mentioned “before flowering” which they are doing now.

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Show and Tell Week: Handspun shawl


Another month gone by, and no, I haven’t been very busy. At the moment I can’t even weave although I have projects started on both looms and more warps waiting. It’s driving me batty! But using my left leg aggravates my “whateverthehellisgoingonwithmybuttock”. So I do stretches, self-massages and some of that sitting down finishing work that I’m usually too lazy to get done.

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Corriedale(?) sweater(?) 1

Week before last I threatened to spin all the corridale tops, which of course I didn’t, since the dog calmed down enough for me to act fairly normal, although interrupted. 😉


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