Wishcasting not-wednesday

Since my last wish is actually beginning to manifest (thank you very much), and I was in fact thinking only 2 days ago that I had not seen any prompts for this in a while, but if I did join another, I’d wish for some healing. And, well, it’s exactly what this edition is about, so…

Jamie asks: Where Do You Wish for Healing?

I have in fact two wishes when I come to think of it.

I wish to heal my “body batteries” which run flat oh so quickly and are so very hard to recharge. And I’d like to extend this wish to those of my friends who I know are battling the same.

I also wish to heal a rift in the relationship with a family member, who I’m not going to mention by name since I have not asked permission.

What do you wish to heal?


8 thoughts on “Wishcasting not-wednesday

  1. Well I will join you in wishing you me and anyone either of us knows who struggle with fatigue, healing. And I wish for strength for myself too, of the emotional kind.

  2. If you figure out how to heal your ‘body batteries’ I truly wish you’ll share that elusive secret!

    As you wish for yourself I also wish for you.

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