Inspirations 1

I think I’m going to publish a list now and then of random websites that have caught my eye for one reason or another. Mostly I guess pretty art or fibery stuff, but you never know…


Slow Cloth – focus on quality and presence in your craft, not quantity.

Creative Burn-out – A series of posts at Myth & Moor quite relevant to my own musings on procrastination. And she has a cute dog and a wonderful forest to walk in <green with envy>

Painting with fabric

About being an artist with chronic fatigue syndrome

Plant dyeing in soothing browns and greys

And for those of you on Facebook – one little old inspiring lady

Stella Maria Baer – photography


Take a look, then come back and tell me which ones you liked!

6 thoughts on “Inspirations 1

  1. Slow Cloth is awesome!!! I’ve been a slow foodie for years but never saw this before. Thanks for sharing!!

  2. They are all great sites — some things that stood out for me were the “crop rotation” analogy for addressing creative burnout (on the creative burn-out site) and the impressive old inspiring lady with her stay-out-of-the-rocking-chair philosophy!

  3. a wonderful list of inspiring links – all well worth checking out so thank you once again for being such a great source of inspiration!

    The idea of being creative in a sustainable way really resonates with me so that is a blog I definitely need to read. And the philosophy behind Slow Cloth I can completely agree with.

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