You know, after a while doing other things, I somehow forget how to think in blog-speak. I’ve been contemplating the difference between sharing your projects often vs. not sharing at all until a whole big thing is done. For the former you need to come up with finished items to show, tailored for the blog, which can be a rushed affair with focus on the telling, not the making, forever trying to create variation – it has suited me well enough since I do thrive best with more than one type of activity, but if you become too ambitious you can lose your breath all of a sudden. This typically happens to me with daily challenges for instance, especially when “the world” pounces on you mid project and sucks your batteries dry.

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5 years

Happy Anniversary with WordPress.com!
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O K I guess I ought to have some profound insights about that, but I’m really not very good with time and date keeping. It’s just something that whooshes by and then it’s gone and whatever.

What happened in those 5 years is all here anyway, I have a migraine today (well actually I don’t because I finally took a pill, so I’m under the influence), and the quickest recap I can make is: I did stuff and I made stuff and it was fun and some parts were really hard and I got fat. What’s interesting to ponder is, briefly at least, will I still be here in another 5?

But thanks everybody out there for keeping me company, you’re all awesome and I’m not saying that just because it’s a buzz word.


For the next 21 days I’ll be participating in an “online community experience”, showing and talking about various aspects of painting. I’ll be writing up posts on my Paint blog as an addition to the FB group “Creative Fire”, so come on over! There is also a special Instagram tag for all the lovely images. #21daysinmyartworld


As my posts are dwindling to once a month and my stats to zero, I am however still hobbling along behind the scenes, doing bits and bobs and even finishing stuff on occasion. This is one of my recent projects, which I hope will eventually help alleviate my headaches.

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