Spry old kale

kale2I actually thought kale was an annual thing, but these have never looked better! Looks like they’re going to flower – does anyone know if the rest can still be eaten? (if not, I’d like the space for the orange cosmos that Mary Jo sent me)

Going to be a headachy day (and then some) for me today, probably not a whole lot getting done. Or perhaps I won’t be able to contain myself to begin my project “new picture storage space”. Got the lumber yesterday, next step sand and paint.

It’s 6.30 am as I type this, G is going to some guys out thing with the neighbour (no, not a drinking thing), so unless the headache works itself into a migraine I will need to find entertainment for myself. We usually do house projects over the weekends. Perhaps I’ll molest some wood and build a loom?! Yes, you can have ants in your pants even if you’re feeling poorly. 😉 Then again I may just try finishing my holey sweater. So I can start a new one.

Would you believe it my sewing pile has grown again? And yesterday I added 4 pairs of jeans that need hemming, found at the Red Cross shop in town for 45 kr./£5/$8/€6 each. But I’m not going to look at that today. Sewing needs a special kind of extra energy …

And that’s my Sunday in spe. Will be interesting to see how it really turns out! I may have some kale for lunch.

(And before anyone is impressed with my morning skills, the headache woke me up around 5)

18 thoughts on “Spry old kale

  1. Smuk kålplante. Men du skal altså nøjes med at nyde synet af den, med mindre du vil have ondt i maven også. De skulle blive bitre, når de blomstrer, men blomsterne er også spiselige – tænk bare på broccoli. God bedring og god palmesøndag – skal du ud og se køerne komme på græs?

    1. Jeg tænkte nok de måske kunne ændre sig med alderen, selvom bladene er nye. Jeg vil nøjes med den dekorative værdi, så.

      I øvrigt så virkede det ikke med den der FODMAP, desværre.

      Næ, jeg ved ikke lige hvor de holder den slags arrangementer, tror heller ikke lige jeg er i hopla. Det er bare en flok køer der fjoller lidt rundt?

  2. I am nearly always up at 6.30 🙂 my sympathies with the headache, I know just how it feels.

    Re: Kale, if this is one of last years you’ll find once it’s flowered it won’t be good to eat, just eat the spring leaves. In fact it’s a premolars, but grown as an annual for eating use. Many veg are I think – the wild varieties like the sea kale we have around here die back and regrow every spring, but are only good for eating before flowering. Alternatively if you can keep it from flowering you may get use through the summer.

    1. I have more seeds, so it’s no big deal, I was just impressed how well they survived the winter. Blooms are on the way already.

  3. Premolars ……here I was wondering if it referred to prehistoric beginnings of Kale or some such thing. I am not surprised kale is out and growing so early. They ar such a wonderful cold weather crop. I love kale in the morning tossed on a burito she’ll with a little cheese and steamed in the microwave for a minute. Mmm.
    It’s wonderful that you can already garden a bit – I am by my Mom’s right now and it is supposed to snow again today ; )

    1. I wouldn’t say I’m gardening as such, they just survived from last year. It’s still nippy at night, so I’ll hold off sowing until May.

  4. Very impressed with your dedication to productivity despite headache-yness. My headache days usually involve hiding under the covers for hours… then feeling awful about not doing anything.

    I always wince a little when I see the phrase “ants in pants”– had an ant infestation but didn’t know it til it got to our clothes. And I *really* didn’t know it til I was in the middle of shopping… had to run off to the bathroom and lo and behold, ants biting my thighs! It was horrifying!

    1. Hahahahaha! That’s hilarious, sorry, I know it wasn’t at the time. I’ve taken the dog to the forest, after sawing and painting my lumber, then pasting all the old holes in the wall, now I’m ready for a nap. My headache luckily turned out to be minor instead of developing into nausea and light sensitivity, trust me, I don’t do anything on those days either. (but I still get bored then)

  5. My kale (Nero di Toscana) lasts two years too. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with eating it unless it grows bitter in its old age 🙂

    1. Fine again today, thanks! I have to admit, when I know it’s hormonally induced, I’m a little less caring of it when it comes to “listening to the body”. It will just have to suck it up and get on with it. 😉

  6. Hej Pia! I do hope you feel better… I’ve also had some health issues since last week… my very best and TRY to stay healthy and optimistic! 🙂
    * * *
    “kale” has become quite popular in France, too – these past 2-3 years… I love all green vegetables, so this one as well! 🙂

    1. Yes, it’s becoming quite fashionable to eat. I like using spinach leaves instead of lettuce in my salad, I feel there is more substance.

      My headache is a bit on and off, but I’m getting better at keeping my good temper anyway. I hope you’re feeling better too!

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