Off to the big city for an art adventure

Well, actually I’m back already. Went to see an exhibition Friday, of one of my favourite Danish painters, Otto Frello. He’s 90 this year and doesn’t really paint much anymore, so most of the paintings were a repeat from the ones I saw 20 years ago. It was still a joy.

Each painting is a story, sometimes 5 different ones happening at the same time. Such as the two girls in strange clothes, chatting away in an old street. When you begin to study the image you see all sorts of weird creatures under rocks, in the windows of old buildings, Winnie the Pooh and Piglet are having a chat in the background and a hole in the street reveals a gang of prisoners(?) trying to escape. Or the painting “The funny man” where a fat jolly man dances for two disapproving ladies, while underground is a strange computer lab, in the far background is some sort of revolution going on, people are dancing in the nearby hall and through all of it a gigantic crack is threatening to tear both ground and building apart. Fun, strange, whimsical, surreal and so rich in detail you can keep finding new ones forever. Clothing is crazy and detailed, buildings remind me of Gaudi.

There was no ban on photography in there, the paintings are reproduced all over the web, so I hope it’s ok to add a couple here as well:



2 thoughts on “Off to the big city for an art adventure

  1. I’ve never heard of this artist – very unusual paintings! Each is like a story for a grownup, full of little details and hidden meanings. Lovely. as you said, just like Gaudi’s architecture. K.

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