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A couple of weeks ago I had a million things I wanted to write about, words and ideas were in a queue. In fact I was on such a roll that I thought I could take a break and not be stopped!

Well baahaa. Come Monday and my head was completely empty. That was Monday before last. It appears that if I don’t go with the flow, the flow goes on without me and when I look up, the view is different. Right now, my brain is doing textiles, no words. Apparently I have no say in the matter. I’m doing a lot of things, they’re just not what I thought I’d be doing. I’ve not even been reading anything.

Ok, I do know what happened – last week I had some really bad headaches. And these happened. I guess I should have known that would throw my focus.

Emil Leo
So we took your seat, you weren’t using it!

I hope I can get back to what I wanted to say on Focus and Intention. Or perhaps what I had to say wasn’t all that important and I was therefore saved by circumstances. 😉

I do keep up the Bullet Journal. It’s not a planner, although it has dates and lists in it, I see it more as a suggestion. I write things down as I think of them and they may get done sooner or later. An upgrade from my previous napkin/post-it/envelope note system. And that works pretty well for emptying my head, I even remember to write down some of my design ideas.

I also work pretty hard on not postponing the little things. Yes, the wash room is cold, but you can go pick up the laundry, it takes 15 seconds. Yes, you can put that crochet hook back where it belongs NOW and not just leave it where you’re standing. All those things that are a tiny bit inconvenient right now but won’t kill you. I even finally whipped out the new sewing machine that I got ages ago when I broke my old one mending horse blankets. I simply could not face it if there was issues with the thread tension or something and I’d have to fiddle for ages and not get it quite right. With some things, I can do that dance forever if I feel out of my league. Well I made myself do it and while not as good a machine as the old one, it does, in fact, sew.

Now I’m in a bit of trouble because I’ve also run out of photos for my other blog. I could use some similar shots and whatnot, but we’ll see if I can keep it up. No painting has happened here since before xmas break, that’s the one thing I need the most quiet and the longest time to wind myself up to, and I just don’t seem to get it very often. So I have to dive into the old photo archives again. Because weather. Yuck. Why didn’t I spend all autumn making huge ponchos and hoods and cowls and sweaters from super bulky yarn on size 10 mm needles? Facemasks. Don’t get me started on the mud, at least we seem to get a short break from that now.

Come to think of it, I’m not doing too well in the quote department either. Do I really have to start writing more bad poetry to fill in?! I mean, it’s not like I can give up on the project less than half a year in… Can I?

I’m thinking of weaving things but I can’t show you the inside of my head. (I should be making more colour sketches, so I don’t forget) So many preparations, warping tapestry looms takes days when you get tired. And make mistakes. I’ve learned tonnes already. But I don’t know what to show you to make this post a little interesting. What would you like to see?

(And then I was saved by Pat Tyler. Off to play with orbs! I see collage-mandala potential here.)



18 thoughts on “Not much of anything

  1. … oh I understand that , I am thinking of starting my 15 mins sketch idea again … as I can’t seem to get anything done , and as you said painting is the hardest thing to get back into . I seem to be a butterfly brain after 6 weeks holidays …. I hope you find more photos , I love your picture blog’s great , and I am

    1. Thanks! I did see your award thingie and meant to respond, but as mentioned I’m a bit flaky just now.

      If I can’t keep up I’ll just have to do fewer days, I’m not quitting. 🙂

  2. Pictures of horses, pretty please, not evil-eyed cats staring at me. Those two really look like evil spirits squinting like that. Now the weather seems to turn to frosty clear – it’s actually snowing here now 😀 – the mud will turn into funny shapes, and you’ll be able to take some photos of frozen fields and horses with steaming muzzles. I’d love to see that, horses are so graceful always. And colour sketches, and bad poetry, maybe even a haiku again? Maybe a picture a day, not pretty, photoshopped pictures, but ideas, colours, horses, hay dogs, branches and trees, your view, even evil eyed cats,anything that speaks to you and inspire you. Nothing much, nothing perfect, just bits and pieces from a day. Not much of anything is a good name for a serial on inspiration.

    1. And oh … putting crochet hooks back where they belong – ouch! I just spent 15 minutes looking for one of mine. Will do from now on. A stitch in time …

    2. They don’t look wide-eyed and cute, they just woke up and I disturbed them. And they’re turning into teenagers already, not babies. I assure you they are very fun and sweet. 😉 I didn’t pick them for their looks though, they are a “charity case”.

      I hear you about the daily impressions, not pretty pictures, but that would be for this blog. The other one is meant to be my “gallery”, so I have to keep myself on my toes about that one. I’m trying to find out, if I can ever be working in this field again, eventually. But I hear you! (incidentally frost is murder to a camera battery, I have to keep an extra in my inside pocket and switch them every 5-6 shots. And my coat is broken! Brrr).

      I had to laugh at your “graceful horses”, one is wearing a very muddy blanket and the other looks like a grizzly bear. I’ve had them for so long that just making a register of reality, snapshot of today, has become irrelevant, as I’ve got so many of those. They pretty much just stand still and eat!

      But I just might begin to make/show design sketches. It’s not painting, “men det snerper.”

      1. And you have inspired me to try to look at old things with new eyes. Again. Perhaps I can find something interesting. Which reminds me I’ve forgotten to write about my new no-dig bed in progress.

        1. Og P.S. Du må gerne skrive på dansk selvom jeg ikke gør. Bare ikke polsk eller japansk, så står jeg af. 😉

          1. Jeg lover, at jeg ikke vil skrive på hverken polsk, japansk eller nogle af de andre underlige sprog, jeg beskæftigern mig med. Men jeg sad fordybet i Screwtape Letters, og fik skrevet halvdelen af svaret, inden det (igen) gik op for mig at du jo var dansk 😀 og så gad jeg ikke starte forfra. Det vil jeg til gengæld ikke love, ikke sker igen.
            Mudrede heste kender jeg godt, naboen havde græsfold bag hækken, før de lavede det om til ridebane ;( og en hvid islandsk hest i vinterpels iført mudder, er et sølle syn. Men alligevel er de yndefulde og smukke i deres bevægelser.
            Et “no-dig bed” et bed hvor man ikke graver, det lyder interessant. Jeg har hørt om den slags før, men kun fra rigtige “havetosser”. Er det noget, vi almindelige havddyrkere kan praktisere? Fortæl endelig om det.

          2. Altså det er et fedt for mig om du skriver engelsk, så kan de andre læsere jo også følge med. Frit valg.

            Jeg har ikke prøvet det med no-dig bed endnu, så jeg ved ikke mere end den video jeg postede på et tidspunkt under inspirationer. Men det går ud på at smide kompost direkte på plænen uden at løsne underneden med en greb eller fræser og det er jo lige guf for en svækling med skadet ryg og træthedssyndrom. 😉

            Jeg vil lave et indlæg, hvor jeg beskriver det, og senere rapportere om resultatet – der var noget om at du hører endnu dårligere end jeg? (videoen var på engelsk)

  3. wonderful post and touching, Pia…<3
    @"I’m thinking of weaving things
    but I can’t show you
    the inside of my head." – it sounds like a haiku…
    * * *
    my very best, stay healthy and optimistic! good luck in all your endeavours & have a serene day! friendly hugs, Mélanie

    1. You’re right, if you write it on 3 lines, it almost is a haiku!

      I did have fun with those, I just might have another go.

      Thanks for dropping by! 🙂

  4. I’ll never get enough cat photos. Or of any of your animals, really.
    And I’m right there with you on the chore front. Namely, my workouts, which my brain can ALWAYS convince me to delay…

  5. The ideas will come back, don’t you worry. Sometimes we all need a little break and then… things pop up as if from nowhere! Start with small changes and these will lead to bigger ones. For e.g. my bedroom looked hmm… probably much worse than your stables for about a year, but I decided to put an end to this and cleaned little bits at a time. It’s not perfect yet, but it’s much better. I even decided to hang paintings that have been laying on the floor for ages!

    I love your idea to keep a journal for all kinds of ideas, this way you can always go back to something that hasn’t been fulfilled yet. I haven’t started one yet, but it’s on my “to do” list!

    Enjoy your weekend and keep showing us everything that catches your eye. K.

  6. Sometimes it’s good to let our brains go into rest mode. Thinking too much just muddles things. I’ve barely blogged. So much of real life has (I don’t want to say…gotten in the way) but life around me is important and I have to attend to it. I have done projects and really have a lot to blog about, but finding the time to sit at the computer has alluded me. No resolutions to be better, but I’d like to make the time to blog. Just some things come first. Anyway, I’ve enjoyed your post. Love your seat warmers! I have a few, warming several spots around the house. Mine from one tossed out mommy cat that no one wanted. Yep, I kept all the babies. They will be 3 in July!

    1. And that is why G has demanded all our pets be spayed (not that I’m averse to that, there are plenty enough cats on this planet, but I did have the notion once to make Max&Molly’s successors). He says I could never give any away. These two are from a stray my friend picked up in the forest I think, so I took them mainly to help the “project”.

      1. I tried finding homes for them however no such luck. Which became my good fortune. I love them all. Keep in mind before this momma kitty came into my life, I was not a cat person.

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