So this is Monday and I promised myself I’d write something most days even if it would never get published. Woke to the sound of rain being hammered against the window, so you know you’ll find me inside, possibly not even braving the short trip through the stable, up the ladder, into my construction site.

I’ve been thinking about what I want to work on once my room is done. Things that are too messy / require lots of space to spread out, which I don’t have here.

  • Making paper. Collect stuff in advance to mix in with the pulp. Tea leaves?
  • Something with wood, sea glass, buttons, found objects.
  • Fake encaustic-y paintings – don’t even know if my ideas here will work.
  • Painting long warps.
  • Drumcarding ALL the wools! Without cat assistance.
  • Fabric and old clothes, what goes, stays, paint rags or upcycling?
  • Runny paints, large canvasses.


Ok, not a good idea to break for links, now I’m stuck. Glancing sideways at a couple of bills I need to pay; Old cars. Sending a thankful thought to my mum who gave me her old one for free when she got a new one. As luck would have it there’s automatic transmission – since the sciatic problem I sometimes have trouble with the clutch in our big old car.

Luck is a wonderful thing. I glanced out the window next and there’s a big fat rainbow. It wasn’t there seconds before and now that I sit down again after sprinting outside to get one shot, it’s fading already. Aaand gone. Real time blogging here. 😉 What a nice little gift.


I could of course also remind myself of what I can do while still “confined to the house”.

  • Photoshop. I talk and I play and I never get serious.
  • Knit. Like, before it’s summer.
  • Finish multiple WIPS
  • Tablet weaving. Hurt my back standing at the table so never really got into it yet.
  • Short weaving sessions.
  • Sketching.
  • Spin (maybe? dare I add new drivebands and not get them chewed up?)

Really, that should be plenty to entertain me for now. Focus. That was my keyword two years ago. I did in fact end up working with focus last year, just not as systematically as I’d intended, it sort of happened along the way instead after I’d forgotten about it. Guess I’m just slow in some areas. Or maybe it only works when I stop pushing.


Tasks to complete in the stoodio:

  • Window casings all 4 skylights. Requires alone time to work up a strategy. Tuesday?
  • Work table. Found locking wheels that fit the old dinner table legs, one plywood board kept back to go on top.
  • Filler in all the cracks and screw holes.
  • Prime and paint 3 remaining walls.
  • Clean up inside, outside, downstairs.
  • Shelves.
  • Move in.
  • PARTY!


I even have a list of lists. Most of my lists I don’t refer to very often, they are just brain declutterers and idea collections. You never know when you’ll need a handy idea, so I hoard them.

  • Photography themes list, in camera and “shopped”.
  • Painting techniques to try.
  • Painting subject ideas.
  • Weaving
    • colour ideas
    • pattern ideas
    • yarn type tests
    • Objects from woven fabric
  • Reading list
  • Big house chores – inside and outside
  • Small house chores – inside and outside
  • Wish list
  • Various subjects to investigate (or not)
  • Book titles. Even if I’m not a writer, I come up with fun titles all the time.

I wish somebody would pay me to make lists, I’m evidently very good at it. The world needs more lists, right?



7 thoughts on “List-full

  1. En regnbue, jeg elsker regnbuer. De kommer kun hos os, når solen er på vej ned. Underligt, så vi har altid regnbuer mod øst, aldrig omd vest eller mod nord. Har du også en regnbue-retning?

  2. I make lists to declutter my mind too — I sometimes write the same ones on diifferent days and if I die unexpectedly and someone has to clean up my stuff they will think it was the sign of dementia or OCD or something, but it is just the way I warm up my brain for the day ahead.
    I love the ikigai idea and diagram, I have not seen that before!

  3. I don’t know what that first photo (the round one) is but I kept going back to look at it! I make lists, too, of all sorts and couldn’t think clearly without them. I have to admit, though, sometimes I get overwhelmed and demoralized by them! So much I want to do . . .

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