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Sure sign of spring is that I wake up earlier and don’t fall back asleep. I have no way of tracking time by my bed, which is a minor nuisance both in summer and winter, but right now I can get up at the crack of dawn and know that I’ve had enough sleep. (I wake up multiple times in the middle of the night too, not feeling or seeing the difference between 3 am or 8, but I know I’ll ruin my day later if I get perky and rise too early)

I also have time to do things in the evening before the gloom of electric light sets in. No picking one activity for the day, I can do all of them. Downside is, I forget to make dinner – but whatever, right?!

It’s still frost at night, so forgive me for not having the presence of mind, as I roll out of bed, to jump into more clothes and take some pretty sunrise pictures for this post, not until I wrote it anyway and now it’s close to 8. Official sunup is currently 6.40, well, technically it’s 5.40, but those are all numbers, not biology.

I just enjoy sitting here alone with my coffee, peaceful, nobody making noises or talking, almost: I did have to start the day by clearing behind the tv sideboard for Leo to get to the yellow-necked mouse he’d chased in there. I have a nifty stack of pretty boxes for spinning fiber to prevent the cats from playing among the wires, there’s even room for a folding easel back there – but dead mice do stink up the whole room, so I let him have at it.

For those of you who have wondered about my posting frequency, all is well, in fact much the same as always, I just don’t seem to want to record it. No finished projects to show off just yet.

Setting up my play table for the day just in case…

16 thoughts on “Lighten up

  1. isn’t it nice when the light matches our natural rhythms? Your table looks like you will have a fun, creative day!

    1. It certainly got messy, LOL! I ended up having to extend the table to its full length again (a third longer).

  2. I also have a short time, just after I get up, to be quiet and prepare for the day. Not quite alone as my cat Zoe always comes up to say ‘good morning, pat me’. Jane

  3. funnily enough, I have been sleeping in longer in the mornings, because autumn is here (although the heat remains).

    1. I think you’d enjoy it here – it’s not at all an unusual summer day that you need a light cardigan!

  4. Ja, tiden efter jævndøgn er herlig. Nu vågner vi op igen. Når jeg bliver rig, vil jeg have en vinterlejlighed i en toscansk bjergby 😉

  5. Pia,
    This warmer weather and the longer days certainly help with getting projects done, and you are right , more than one a day as well! I’m afraid that my fiber work will soon take a back seat to all the outside needs and chores! Enjoy the light and the warmth of these sun given days!

    1. Well, you know where to send those lovely “overcoats” if you feel like you’re choking on them, LOL!

      Just a little while now and everything green just explodes. I can only begin to imagine how busy you must be.

      1. You would be just the person to send fleeces to! Perhaps next time I travel to Ireland( this coming October) , I can stuff my suitcase with some wool and then send it from there. Perhaps the cost would be less than sending it across the pond from here! I think you, of all people, would make something amazing with these BFL fleeces! We shear tomorrow!

  6. So I’m not the only one who doesn’t have a clock/watch by my bed? It’s really annoying, but I keep forgetting to bring one upstairs in the evening and then in the morning… I don’t know what time it is when my dog starts asking to go out.

    1. Actually our dogs were pretty punctual, much more than I am. In summer of course I could wear a watch, but I tend not to these days. In winter I can’t read it, so… (I’m all for old fashioned clock faces, suits how I see time in my head, rather than reading the numbers)

  7. Seeing the crocusses coming out is so welcome after the winter period. They do lighten the mood, don’t they? I know this feeling of enjoying a qiet time with no one around. For me this doesn’t happen in the mornings because I’m a late bird, but after midnight sometimes. 🙂 You are right, the longer days offer room/time for more activities to choose from, to get lost in, and projects to finish. Enjoy it.

    1. Every time I spot a new little glimpse of colour in the garden is an instant vitamin bomb. Right now the edges of the lawn is abundant with sweet violets and the forsythia are winding themselves up for bursting.

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