Dyeing with poinsettias – julestjerner

An Herb Scented Life: Natural dyeing with poinsettias.

Since I still have no means of photo editing and not much to say either, I thought I might reblog some relevant posts now and again. This is one dye experiment I haven’t tried myself, and was surprised at the result!

6 thoughts on “Dyeing with poinsettias – julestjerner

  1. Hi Pia,
    Not much dyeing here at the moment. Lots of knitting though! reading your blog always inspires me to get out the dye stuff and get going! Hope you are well and not too cold, 10 below F here this morning. Brrr.

  2. Thanks for sharing this. As you know, I’m hugely inspired by dyeing though I haven’t yet made the leap to try any yet! The poinsettias turned out so much softer than I imagined! They seem like such a rich, prickly plant- I was surprised, too.

  3. Det lyder da spændende, og som forfatteren skriver, så burde det være muligt at finde en masse slatne julestjerner for næsten ingen penge her efter jul.
    Jeg håber det går fremad med computer-planerne trods alt. Det er surt at være uden.

    1. Den unge mand har fundet et brugt motherboard magen til det gamle, på ebay. Så må vi se om det virker, og om det var det, som var problemet. Satser på at bytte det ud i dag!!

  4. Ooh, interesting! Ivy is usually the plant I’d have in my dye pots in January, and maybe bark collected in the autumn and dried, but I can definitely see me trying poinsettia. Thank you for sharing the link 😀

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