Back in the game

Found a “new” identical motherboard on and G graciously installed it for me today even though he spent all of yesterday on somebody else’s computer. Technically I could do that kind of hardware swapping myself, but I’m quite rusty and never as thorough, just tend to ram it all in at once without testing on the way. Because: “oh, it’ll be fine”.

Now, when I’ll be back here with something to show and tell is a different story. At least I have the means, but I’m going to need a bit of a liedown today.

Next up on the yarny front will be altering this sweater, which I bought last year I think, or the one before. You’ll notice how it follows current fashion of designing sleeves for anorexics, and now that I’ve put on 10 kg I simply can’t squeeze into them. But it’s a perfectly good sweater with hardly any wear, so I found a very similar blue yarn and will be installing underarm wedges some time soon. I’m really running out of things to wear!


9 thoughts on “Back in the game

  1. Skønt at du er “up and running” igen i hvert fald rent teknisk. Og stort bifald til din tekniske bedre halvdel. Jeg håber du snart får det bedre og glæder mig til at høre om dine meritter.

    1. Jeg har vist bare haft lidt for travlt to dage i træk med diverse møder udenfor huset, så jeg er bare helt ekstraordinært flad oveni det sædvanlige. Håber jeg kan lidt igen i morgen! 🙂

  2. oh yes, what a nice, warm sweater! now that i’ve started peeking through crochet tutorials, i am becoming ever more impressed with creations like these (though I know this is knitting and even more difficult than crochet!) And yay about the hard drive!! I, too, enlist my husband with stuff like that- he is much much more thorough than me, too!

    1. oh dear- motherboard and hardware- obviously not the hard drive exactly- see, with that I would get husband to do because I have no freakin idea of the first thing to do!!! A similar thing I can think of is putting together furniture. I *can* do it but he’s so much better so why not him?? 😉

      1. Oh that’s funny, but I so enjoy building things, that I very much like to assemble my own furniture, just beyond my own capacity of lifting, usually. (which is pitifully little these days)

  3. Great news! I could never put a new motherboard in my computer, I don’t even know what one looks like, infact I don’t even know how to open my computer!

    1. Back when I first got a computer I had an infatuation with the technical side of it, and getting a job at a helpline (not through knowing IT but because I spoke Swedish) taught me SO much in a couple of years I really got the basics hammered in. Like all my interests I become a sponge and just slurp up as much info I can possibly find in a very short timespan – and then I move on! (incidentally that’s also where I met the Spousal Unit)

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