What knitting?


I’d almost forgotten, that it’s a thing that I do. In all the weaving frenzy, wips have been sitting hidden and alone in various baskets, no longer interesting. Until I realised, that if we do get summer (which is not a given in years when I have new shorts and skirts) I can’t bring my looms outside. And it’s such a shame to sit inside when you have a garden, isn’t it?

So I’ve taken a look at my knittings and wonder if I can remember how I wanted to proceed. Because obviously I’m not using any kind of pattern, right? Nono, I make it up as I go along, that much is constant with me… The biggest question being, how much did I grow since I started these projects?!


Mimi has finally had a weight upgrade so that we can share my wardrobe as intended. Wide as a barn door but very spiffy and summery, don’t you think? With a repurposed dress turned skirt, helping me sew a handwoven shirt in the background. More on that later.


Another summer garden activity, apart from pulling weeds, is of course reading. I forget to take my breaks for just resting during the day unless I’m feeling actually sick, leaving me exhausted sooner than I prefer, so I’m going to make an effort to read a bit again.


So to remind myself, I’ll hop on the bandwagon of showing your Wednesday wips and books, originating with Ginny I think. And YES we have summer now, for a while. Plenty of it in fact. Which is perfect, I have a pony lame on three legs and my back is thrown completely, just in time for hedge trimming season. So you’ll find me in my outdoors office doing slow living stuff.


11 tanker om “What knitting?

    1. Bahaha, thanks, but I started these projects more than a year ago, so hardly impressive! 😉 Just sitting in the shade with my feet up, picking away. (we won’t get into how I mangled my back…)

  1. It’s been so damp and chilly here, I haven’t minded staying inside to weave. But, you’re right, when the weather turns, I’ll need to find something I can do in the sun!

    1. Same here, we only just got tolerable weather and now it’s a heatwave. But they say back to rain and chill next week, so I guess I can get to making warps then. Right now I’m trying to assess how much the garden has exploded while I was hiding in the loom room.

    1. You mean telling the difference, when he’s only got one good leg left to stand on? Sometimes it can be difficult! Luckily it was “just” an abscess in front, a boil inside the hoof which is very painful, but easy to recognize the walking pattern and immediate relief when it’s cut open. Detective work got just a bit more difficult because of another problem with tendons in the hind legs. He was really hobbling along for a few days and I was terrified I’d have to put him down, but the meds seem to be improving things and he’s happily moving around again, although not exactly bouncing. Really poor luck for him to get two problems at once!

      The really hard part is if they’ve got arthritis in 4 legs, that just makes them walk stiffly or reluctantly but no limp. Can take a good while to spot if you don’t have a keen eye at all times.

      (for non-horsey readers, lame in a horse does not mean “numb, can’t stand”, but limping – not sure how well-known this distinction is in English, since in DK it’s two different words)

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