WIP Wednesday whoops (3)

Everything was glitchy yesterday, including me! But here we are a day late with a few backgrounds that I’m prepping for the new series. Click to the front page if you would like to see where the first painting is at the moment, or that side link to Instagram. Contrary to my previous post I decided to show the preliminary version after all, but I’m reserving the right to change it once the others are more complete. 😉
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Show and Tell Week: Knitwips

My ego would have liked to only show finished projects this week and of course some very lovely ones. But that’s simply not how life rolls as you’ve already noticed, so today I’ll just show you what I aim to be knitting the next couple of months. That way she’ll have quantity over quality at least and I’ll fulfill her ambition to do a post every day of the week.

For my non-tv knitting I’m trying out a new to me stitch apparently called daisy chain, it requires a bit of focus and good light.. And since I couldn’t find the heathered green/black yarn in my head, I opted for multiple strands of Drops Alpaca, 4 actually, to make it more likely to be finished this season on 7-8 mm needles. A thick cardigan in progress. No pattern as usual…


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What knitting?


I’d almost forgotten, that it’s a thing that I do. In all the weaving frenzy, wips have been sitting hidden and alone in various baskets, no longer interesting. Until I realised, that if we do get summer (which is not a given in years when I have new shorts and skirts) I can’t bring my looms outside. And it’s such a shame to sit inside when you have a garden, isn’t it?

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