19 thoughts on “Coming or going?

  1. Arthur is magnificent. I love how his pretty blue eyes seem to question what to do. Gotta love the furbabes and they’re reactions to cold and snow. Thank goodness he has a Mum to let him back in so he won’t freeze. 🙂

    1. He can get in by his own door actually, I just have it closed for outgoing activity because the kittens aren’t ready for the big world (not in this cold with a big dumbass stray tom outside)

  2. holy crap, these photos are magnificent! your cat is stunning, looks like some sort of enchanted fairy creature! and those footprints are beyond adorable……..love finding tracks in the snow!

    1. He is a little special beauty, isn’t he? I just could not resist that look when I saw him as an itty bitty wee one at one of my friend’s barn.

  3. Pia what a gorgeous little friend!
    Best picture ever. If you don’t mind I am going to put a shot up of your beautiful kitten on my computer as a screen saver that way he will meow at me each morning.

  4. That is one very special looking cat. I looked at your other animals too. They are all very loved, I could see that. At least this one, with his colouring, will be well camouflaged in the snow – if he dares to go out in it!

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