Cat on a hat

It would appear others have learned the trick of the “do not disturb” hat… (No, cats are not allowed on the table, even with the work sheet on)


Some rock closeups for MotherOwl.

desertstar chrysocolla

And a hat on a cat…


7 thoughts on “Cat on a hat

  1. Åh, Wauw, flotte sten. Mange tak! Især den der ørkenrose eller havd den nu hedder. Den er megaflot, og jeg kan se inspirerende blade og blomsterformer i den.
    Det katten med hatten sover i, ligner et pindsvin. Interessant kurv 😉

    1. They will sit or sleep on anything belonging to me or that I have touched. Be it a tiny little notebook or a glove.

  2. So sweet! Nothing cozier than a curled cat, except for a curled cat sleeping in one’s lap, I suppose. And your rocks are phenomenal as well, I love the bluish one so much!

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