A visitor

Reminding me I should clean my window more often if I want to do bird photography… (I never manage to catch any when I go out)


We see birds of prey quite often out here, I don’t know how to name all of them though. They do have a certain presence that you just don’t get in a crow, gull, pigeon or magpie, I can understand why they’re often chosen as totem animals.

Right now it’s actually white here, with a promise of thaw and rain over the weekend. G had a bit of an accident yesterday with the car, nothing major apart from the expense and the nuisance, but I don’t think I’ll be running any errands soon.


8 thoughts on “A visitor

    1. The joys of living out in the boonies where even the village road is not cleared! (and we’re way out of the village, LOL)

      Ironically he was driving to town to pick up some spare parts – for the car!

      1. Funny. Here at the Farm we are halfway to the bottom of a long, steep gravel road. It it’s not uncommon to be iced or snowed in for days. Which is sometimes lovely, and sometimes not.

        Speaking of birds of prey–the other day, I was driving up the highway to St. Louis, and I counted 8 (!) dead red-tailed hawks along the road. I’ve never seen such a thing, and can only assume it was because the temperature went from 60 degrees to almost 0 degrees in the span of less than 12 hours. That is how crazy the weather here has been. Still, it was very sad to see so many had perished like that.

        By the way, your horse picture is very funny.

        1. That must have been a weird sight.

          That’t my most common view of Rollo. He likes us to blow nostrils or to lick my ears. Just a very large puppy, really! (with more dignity. If you ask himself)

          1. I don’t know, Pia. I raised horses for a long time. I’ll let the non-horse owners keep their romanticized view, but I think that the idea commonly perpetuated about horses being all noble and dignified is proven wrong on an almost daily basis. They are goofballs. Lol.

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