Winter goldenrod


There have been comments about my use of freezer space 😉 so I thought I’d get at least one experiment done “for the books” after I’d seen these puffs in the December sun.

I’d saved a guesstimate of 500 g of heads, no leaves. Enter 25 g of wool, 3 silk, 30 cotton previously dye fail with iron and weld, thought it would be interesting with the high dye ratio (it wasn’t). Careful not to boil and leave it as long as last time. Steeped overnight:


Things to ponder:

What would the same dye ratio look like with fresh plants? I could have put more into this pot to exhaust the bath, as I’m sure there’s plenty left, but I didn’t have the heart to. I have so many yellow skeins and I just don’t use that colour very much.

Is it my temperature or the species of Goldenrod that gives me the bronze colours rather than bright yellow? (as seen elsewhere)

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  1. I love those bronzes, if they were fabric I’d be wanting them. You should know why by now 🙂

    Have you considered selling the ones you don’t use?

    1. I have and I would, but I’m not sure the yarn I’ve been using so far is a type of interest to anyone. I like the bronzes too, so I’ll make more of those when I have more plant, other shades I’ll “discontinue”.

        1. I’ll totally consider making special orders, though 😉 Or take material suggestions. Just not cotton. I can’t get it to work properly.

    1. Well, try a massive dye ratio, and for even more bronze, boil them real hard, then leave to steep for 3 days before dyeing. I only used alum mordant.

    1. I’m going to have to start dyeing soft knitting yarns instead of these.And more silks, I may actually do a silk season.

  2. I also get the neon yellows from golden rod and usually tone it down a bit by over dyeing it. Smetimes with walnut and other times with indigo.
    I love your bronze color Pia!! I wonder if it is the plant and the conditions of where it grows or if it is the water ph?

    1. I like this one too – but not a paler variety I think if I’d kept going. Soon it would just be mucky fawn. 😉

  3. Jeg tror det er dine gyldenris, der er særlige. Der er jo adskillige sorter som blomstrer på lidt forskellige tidspunkter. De er også forskeligt høje, jeg har for eksempel en dværg-variant, jeg må prøve af til sommer.
    Og som du siger, gule farver er der nok i verden af, de der brungyldne er bedre. De minder om efterårsblade og solnedgange.

  4. Hi. I love the sheen on the silk and the gold of the wool. We have lots of kinds of goldenrod, so I will be trying these this summer. Jane

  5. Hej igen! Jag har en gryta med gullris på spisen nu, 100 gr ullgarn betat med 10 % alun. Ca 220 gr blad av gullris (de har inte börjat blomma ännu). Färgen blir svagt, svagt gul. Badet blev för varmt och började koka, kanske därför färgen är så blek.

    1. Enbart blad, eller har du hela riset med i de 220g? I så fall har du nog för lite, det är inte så mycket färg i, vad heter det, stjälken? (det var länge sen jag pratade svenska)

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