Tagetes 3


Having used double up plant to yarn the first time, I wanted to test the dye properties at 1:1 ratio. I used the tagetes tenuifolia.

I did 1 alum, 1 rhubarb and then 1 copper mordanted in a pot of its own. And yes, it’s different, but not green like the first year, I must have really overdone it back then. Now I’m intrigued as to actually getting green on purpose.

Rhubarb: you disappoint me (again). It may be that it only works in some plant combinations, but frankly then I can’t be bothered. I also have no succes with it on cotton, but more on that later.


These three skeins didn’t even get simmered, I just put them in the warm dyebath to soak. So I decided to test how far I could go on the exhaust, one skein at a time. 5 more skeins, so that’s 200 g yarn from 75 g of flowers.


Tagetes 1

Tagetes 2

Tagetes igen igendanish

Sidst brugte jeg dobbelt op af plante i forhold til garn, så jeg ville lige teste en gang 1:1. Samt det rabarberbejdsede garn og kobber i en gryde for sig.

Denne gang fik jeg ikke grøn fra kobber som det første år, så nu tænker jeg jo på, hvordan man får det med vilje. Rabarber er igen meget skuffende/kedeligt, jeg tror ikke det er noget jeg vil bruge krudt på igen.

Efter 3 fed farvet 1:1 ville jeg så teste hvor meget ekstra farve der var i, så jeg blev ved med at putte garn i, et fed af gangen indtil det blev meget lyst. 5 stk. blev det til, så det er i alt 200 g garn til 75 g blomster! Jeg brugte Appelsintagetes denne gang.

7 thoughts on “Tagetes 3

  1. Delicious range of yellows,Pia! KImberly Baxter Packwood writes that she simply soaks in tagetes to get colour. Your tagetes greens are intriguing. The calices of the mid size tagetes you used last year will eco print dark greens alongside of yellows and oranges with the petals. Thank you for reporting!


    1. Yes, they work extremely well for solar dyeing. I hope they are good dried, as I have so many. Nice on silk too.

      Sounds like I’ll have to do some printing as well! 😀

      1. Yes, they work dried, too. I used some of my sumnmer 2012 tagetes for eco prints in Jan 2013 this year and got dark greens from the calices and burnt oranges from the petals – on paper. Not as vivid as the summer but interesting. Perhaps on yarn and wool different intensities but I would expect same coloration


  2. I am surprised as how vivid and brilliant these natural dyes are. And you can use them on paper too! All new to me, thank you for all your explanations and beautiful photos.

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