Is anybody out there?

…or are you all too busy preparing for the holidays to visit Blogland? As for me I think I’ve got my back under control once more, my sleep cycle has readjusted to waking up at 6 without an alarm. Now I just have to shed the habit of dillydallying about and use my time more efficiently while I have it. No cookie baking or hanging of ornaments, I just want to do my thing.

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First frost

Spectacular morning, absolutely no wind for a change and everything coated in powdered sugar. I love the crisp air of a morning like this – now I just need to introduce wool socks for my wellies and hope for more photo ops on a day when I don’t have early appointments!

Calendar’s end

poinsettia1 We’re getting close to turning a new leaf again and I haven’t been talking much lately because I had a feeling everybody was making busy for the holidays and gearing their minds towards elves, reindeer, cookies and eggnogg. I hope you had some time to actually relax as well, not just dashing from one meal to the next with crowds of noisy relatives and cranky kids.   😉

No rush at the cottage, I’ve been weaving my towels, just finished the last one of the batch yesterday, so I better get cracking with the band also. I had a full blown cold last week, the first one I can remember for years and years; I guess it had to happen at some point. Ginger and elderberry tonic for the win! We had to do some xmas shopping with the rest, because everything is closed for 3 days, but luckily it wasn’t too crowded and I got to pick up my sewing machine from service too. I feel horrible and exhausted if I eat too much, especially the endless combinations of fat, white carbs and sugar, it’s murder on my system. Love the taste, but it’s just not worth it, so we’ve been scaling down more and more each year.

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wintertime1Daylight savings over, it now gets dark at 5 but for a while longer it’s easier to get up in the morning at least. When I was serious about horseriding this was a time of anguish for me, as I couldn’t make it out before dark unless I geared up around 2 pm. Out here it’s dark when the sun goes down, not even a single street lamp, so we feel the seasons more than in the city – although I remember November in CPH being decidedly glum, so perhaps not. Continue reading “Wintertime”

Getting on

I’ve contemplated renaming the blog “Trivialities of common life” or some such, because everything has slowed down so much even my thoughts are frozen.

And I’m beginning to realize that I can’t keep postponing all of my projects until I have space to do them unhindered, because that studio thing is going to take forever and ever to be done. So long that I’m beginning to suspect I won’t be needing it anymore, because I’ll have come to a complete creative standstill, my last remnants of intelligence content to ponder the laundry…

Or I can begin to kick start myself again and try to ignore that the kittens destroy everything I touch. 😉 Oh well, it was worth a shot to minimize house cleaning, but I guess I found out the price is boredom. Time to get messy.

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