I’ve given up remembering my unfinished writing projects from last week, so I’m doing various photo things, camera and Shop, in between watching the circus. Luckily they do take quite a few naps!

I actually need/want to take some photo trips for naked trees, but ugh, the cold and weather prevents me as well as roads being diffícult to stop along and park sometimes, without being in someone’s way – I want the vistas, not the forest this time. Everything is cultivated right up to the edge of the hard top, and you can’t just walk in somebody’s field, not even on the borders. They’re pretty a*** about it here and I hate this. I dream of being able to walk half the day with my camera without wearing a traffic safety vest!

Today it’s foggy, so it’s not even optional for the shots I want. I guess I’ll be kitten spamming you all week instead.