5 years

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O K I guess I ought to have some profound insights about that, but I’m really not very good with time and date keeping. It’s just something that whooshes by and then it’s gone and whatever.

What happened in those 5 years is all here anyway, I have a migraine today (well actually I don’t because I finally took a pill, so I’m under the influence), and the quickest recap I can make is: I did stuff and I made stuff and it was fun and some parts were really hard and I got fat. What’s interesting to ponder is, briefly at least, will I still be here in another 5?

But thanks everybody out there for keeping me company, you’re all awesome and I’m not saying that just because it’s a buzz word.

Pattern testing 2

bluetunicI’ve been working on sewing patterns again, after not making any trousers from the muslins I developed last year – I wanted to be sure I didn’t grow again this winter and would be unable to wear them the coming summer! My handwoven fabric takes too long to make to be used just once, and I could just buy t-shirts, but then why would I weave? I don’t use scarves, tablecloths or many of the other things I could think of making. And G has declared that he does not want his sofa filled with hippie weirdo COLOURFUL cushions, blech! And for some reason, although fashion does nothing for me, I’m quite fascinated with fabrics and drape and keep collecting images of flowing, colourful clothes. In the end I had to make a Pinboard so that I can spot any personal trends after a while, in addition to the one I keep for clothes from panels. (We’ll get back to that eventually)

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A day in the life of

I’m blogging you today from my garden office, as we’ve suddenly been gifted with summer weather. So much of it in fact that I realize in a minute I’ll have to step inside for shorts and a lighter t-shirt!


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A collection of bees


While the world population of bees is in danger, it seems my policy of not caring for the property – in the fashion my neighbours would prefer – has paid off. Every day when I fetch the horses from pasture, it has been buzzing with bumbles, I really should have filmed that during our heatwave, it was deafening. (how am I not getting these ideas at the time of action? I’ve thought about a video diary for quite a while, and yet…) During my little photo adventure the other day I met more bees. Some of them are possibly flies in disguise, I know we have those too.

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Holiday at home

Came upon this beauty grazing my pasture, as I was wading through a patch of tall grass and weeds.
Came upon this beauty grazing my pasture, as I was wading through a patch of tall grass and weeds. No cropping!

At the cottage, holiday does not mean catching a plane to roast at the pool of some southern European hotel, it means prodding the big guy to do some maintenance on the wreck we call home. As a result, I also have to do some things of course, as well as assisting with comments etc, so nothing much is going on in the studio at all because of my aforementioned handicap when it comes to moving between brain halves.

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