Holiday at home

Came upon this beauty grazing my pasture, as I was wading through a patch of tall grass and weeds.
Came upon this beauty grazing my pasture, as I was wading through a patch of tall grass and weeds. No cropping!

At the cottage, holiday does not mean catching a plane to roast at the pool of some southern European hotel, it means prodding the big guy to do some maintenance on the wreck we call home. As a result, I also have to do some things of course, as well as assisting with comments etc, so nothing much is going on in the studio at all because of my aforementioned handicap when it comes to moving between brain halves.

Actually I’ve been wondering if this condition has been made worse from actual, physical brain damage, the concussions and/or my severe nervous breakdown a few years ago – they say even that can alter things in there. Possibly it’s just the shhhh – age thing. It’s been good to know from the comments that I’m not alone in this, I just wonder why it’s gotten so much worse. Possibly it hasn’t except that it’s become more important to me to make the shift and so I keep noticing?


Managed to trim the hedges myself this year, nearly at my old pace, and at the moment I’m painting the front door. Takes a while since it’s oil, gawd I hate that sticky stuff. Mr. is knocking off loose concrete from the foundations to make ready for refinishing them – next year I have an ambition to paint them as well as whitewashing all the walls. Just in case we end up having to sell or expand the mortgage…


The weather is alternating between cold and rain or sweltering heat, so guess who hasn’t been making the rounds with a camera! No garden photos either; slug infestation. Dye plants all seem to have vaporized, can’t even find the stubs. But today I decided I just had to, before the next bout of wet they’re threatening to send. The only typical thing about a Danish summer is unpredictability.


I’m not one for arranging my photos, I just shoot what’s there, moving only my feet. Currently I’m on a more specific longterm mission of finding new angles using only the immediate surroundings of my own property, challenging my definition of whether I’m a creative person or not, if you will. (I guess I’m actually scolding myself for having a style, but not a good enough one!)


So a little collection for you, from a grey today; no cropping or photoshopping apart from adjusting the light a bit. I was pretty exhausted from just walking one round (1 km), but perhaps I’ll begin to see things differently if I bring the camera often. And then there’s photoshopping, experiments are on my list, I just never seem to get that far. I’d like to develop more than just one filter setting that is “mine”, to have a little library of goto looks rather than process each image alone.

Here I'm completely failing to see the beauty in a pile of rubble.
Here I’m completely failing to see the beauty in a pile of rubble.









8 thoughts on “Holiday at home

  1. Love the calendulas, what a fab glowing burst of colour! And the hollyhocks too, maybe I’ll remember to sow some next year, they add such a great height to any flowerbed.

  2. Selv i gråvejr er det da tydeligt at se, at du bor et smukt sted. Vi holder også ferie hjemme bortset fra en nu overstået uge i sommerhus.
    1 km. vandretur i min have kan det dog ikke blive til, men jeg vl da prøve at lave et par “feriedagbøger fra Uglebo” 🙂

  3. You have every right to be tired–it sounds like you’re doing a lot! The photos are lovely–I like the variety and the framing. And I like the cat!

    1. The gallery framing thing is all done by WordPress – personally I prefer to see them one by one up large, but it would make the post very long on the screen.

  4. I know it technically isn’t, but the concept is so deeply ingrained that it’s an easy way of describing the symptom. I read an article recently of a man who was missing, was it 60% of his brain? And while he was at the low end of a normal IQ, he was functioning regularly, job, family etc. and only a coincidence showed the issue when he was scanned.

    It’s more of a difference in operating mode, or simply a lack of ability to focus/let go. I have so much going on in my head that any input from outside that I’m not interested in is perceived as unwelcome noise. I know some people add noise simply to fill up, I don’t get that.

  5. I feel unable to deal with so much as I get older and am impatient of extra unplanned things that get in the way. I am also very tired most of the time. Hopefully I will get past it sometime as there is nothing to explain it. My Mum is 84 and has a more capable brain than mine at the moment.
    I felt quite lively and carefree at 60 but now I am approaching 63 something seem to have changed not entirely explained by some recent serious illnesses within the extended family.
    Hopefully you will feel more back to whatever is normal for you soon.

    1. Thanks – i don’t remember what’s normal, I’ve been exhausted for more than a decade. I’m training people to leave me alone instead, LOL.

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