First frost

Spectacular morning, absolutely no wind for a change and everything coated in powdered sugar. I love the crisp air of a morning like this – now I just need to introduce wool socks for my wellies and hope for more photo ops on a day when I don’t have early appointments!

Enter dusk

Time to get yourself outside early in the day or else! After adjusting our clocks, it’s now dark at 5 pm and counting down for the next two months. I’m still hoping to get some forest exercise in before it’s too cold (my lungs don’t take kindly to heavy breathing in frosty temps), but with rain, back pain, sick ponies and what else, my plans have been thwarted so far. I really don’t know why I keep making them!

I’ve been working on installing studio stairs instead of the ladder, but it’s still missing a banister at the top. I’ll show you when it’s done.


I have a whopping cold for a change, so I’m going to try the tiny post thing for a while, à la small stones. This is only my second cold in maybe 10 years, I keep forgetting how horrible they can be!! 🙄

Title: 3 project beginnings, shared palette.

Further development will, hopefully, eventually, appear on the paint blog. Achoo!