Show and Tell Week: Rugged

As a scandinavian weaver, it’s quite common to want to try your hand at rag rugs. So I’ve been wondering too whether that’s something I’d like or not!

When I bought the Lervad I got several kilos of “rags” made from socks cut into loops, then chained. Not very pretty, knots every few inches, it’s been sitting in a box for over a year. But I decided now was as good a time as any, do a bit of stash busting before I’m moving out, see if I wanted to keep at it or throw it away.


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Show and Tell Week: Handspun shawl


Another month gone by, and no, I haven’t been very busy. At the moment I can’t even weave although I have projects started on both looms and more warps waiting. It’s driving me batty! But using my left leg aggravates my “whateverthehellisgoingonwithmybuttock”. So I do stretches, self-massages and some of that sitting down finishing work that I’m usually too lazy to get done.

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