Lincoln green 1

I created this post 2 years ago with the intention of writing a series devoted to different procedures. But my woad crops failed and other stuff happened, as per usual, and here we are. So while waiting for black paint to arrive some time in the distant future; in between holiday house chores, I have a bit of green for you.

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Window Wednesday

I thought we needed a bit of colour in my new room, so I rummaged through the garage for my bottles. I haven’t seen these since we moved into the house, they used to be lined up on a shelf under the wall to wall skylights in our old flat. But glass and kittens don’t mix well..




First blanket off the floor loom. I finished this about 6 weeks ago, but haven’t had a lot to say about it, also didn’t take a final shot. I totally suck at product photography, I just can’t find the right locations or props. But anyway, here it is, out of my hair and my draft list.

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I made this!

Ok, I know it’s really simple, but it’s my first, so bear with me. I had wanted the warp a bit lighter, but I think the snow dyed yarn did really well. I have not yet had the inclination to do the sewing into cowl, but soon. I think it’s amazing how much the fabric changes on loom, off, and finished.

Before wash:

bluecowl3 bluecowl4


bluecowl6 bluecowl5