I made this!

Ok, I know it’s really simple, but it’s my first, so bear with me. I had wanted the warp a bit lighter, but I think the snow dyed yarn did really well. I have not yet had the inclination to do the sewing into cowl, but soon. I think it’s amazing how much the fabric changes on loom, off, and finished.

Before wash:

bluecowl3 bluecowl4


bluecowl6 bluecowl5

22 thoughts on “I made this!

  1. Thanks everybody! 😀 I’m so ready to warp again. I have about 8 different projects I want to do, some colourwork, some saori, some plain, some pictorial. Not counting the projects on the tapestry frames….. Now, to choose…

  2. magnfique royal blue… it’s great to have several projects, so you can choose among them your priority or emergency… bravo, congrats & bonne continuation! 🙂

    1. Thanks! Unfortunately I only have one loom, so for the fabric production I do have to choose! They are a lot quicker than knitting though. And some await another project, because I plan to use the leftover yarn – and how to know how much is left before it’s done? So those can go last I guess.

  3. It is really beautiful there is so much pleasure in achievement, I know what you mean by work in progress so many but determind to complete them all

    Susan x

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