July WIP Wednesday


Thanks to those of you writing to wish me well – I’m much better now but have been taking it slow and easy for a while, and I suspect I’m going to need my second chiro visit on the 15th to unstuck my neck once more, but hope to manage until then. The cat luckily is back to his usual goofy, ever hungry self; my theory is that he swallowed a bee or something like that, because we could find no explanation of his sudden peevishness.

There has been some light reading, for instance:

The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society
The very last Discworld novel (#41): The Shepherd’s Crown

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Some yarny updates

Just a little collection of things I’ve been fiddling with since December, while running on half my usual steam. Just simple stuff, not very innovative but still making and learning, to help me keep up my spirits. I find this to be the best tactic for me, if I can’t unmuddle my concentration / imagination I can practise technical stuff or get some of the “administrative” tasks done (making a catalogue of my e-books and weaving videos so that I actually use them, for instance). I just don’t do well with staring at the ceiling for weeks, and I refuse to watch tv!

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What’s in the bag?


My friend Nina happened to pass by this alpaca being shorn a few weeks ago, and clever her asked what they did with it. So here’s one side for me and the other side went to another wool craving friend. 🙂

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