10 thoughts on “Sunday statement

  1. YES! I love the punch-line! When I was on the beach painting last week a passerby said “This is a much better thing to do than be home ironing.” When I said I don’t ever iron she looked a bit dumbfounded.
    Nice post Pia. You made me chuckle!

  2. Ha! I am—right at this very moment—ignoring a massive pile of laundry behind me that needs to be folded. And you are helping me! Pia, what kind of influence is that?

    Ironing. Humph. I don’t iron to get clothes wrinkle-free. I iron to get clothes wrinkle-fewer. 😉

    1. Well, you know – F. it 😉

      Iron/ically folding laundry only takes a very short time compared to how long we think it’s going to take. A lifetime of experience in the matter doesn’t seem to budge this conviction, which is why I’ve currently run out of baskets. Maybe the clue is having fewer baskets? Or more, and just keep your clothes in there.

      1. The latter is actually the solution we finally came up with. Everyone has a basket, and it’s ok for clean clothes to stay in the basket—as long as they’re not on the floor or the bed or laying around anywhere else. It works about as good as anything else, lol. We also instituted “laundry folding parties” where the four of us put on music or a show and fold laundry together. That’s actually kind of fun. Definitely better than doing it by one’s self.

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