More fiber stash bashing

I haven’t been spinning since my fat singles adventure, but this week I thought I’d get out two braids of Rambouillet that I bought summer 2011 from CJ Delights.


I’m hoping they will take up less space as yarn, although braids are actually quite dense, but I also decided to use them for practising consistensy, so I’m just spinning and spinning from one end to the other, planning to make a chain-ply. I’ve got 3 batches of Targhee from Spunky Eclectic that are destined for the same fate.

Normally I’ve been able to put 100 g on my small bobbins, as you can see I’ve started to pack it down one end, but then I realised I had nearly 60 g of fiber left and gave up, started a new bobbin with the rest. I hope this means my yarn is getting fluffier = more yardage, but I’m not really organized enough to have kept solid records of everything I make.


And then today I read Woolwinding’s review of “The Spinner’s book of Yarn Designs” and was tempted to buy that and use my assorted fibers for something fun – but there’s time. Another time. (although the page says they only have 6 left, and not, as they usually add “…but more on the way”. ACK – what if they get sold out. Sigh. You have no idea what my Amazon wish list looks like. I need some cash. Wanna buy yarn?


Spinder Rambouillet denne uge, som jeg købte for et par år siden. Sådan et par fletninger er egentlig ret kompakte, men jeg håber alligevel at jeg kan frigøre mere lagerplads ved at lave fiber om til garn. Så jeg bruger de her købte, færdigfarvede fibre til at øve mig i ensartet spinding.

Jeg var lidt overrasket over, at spolen var så fuld kun halvvejs gennem den første fletning, normalt har jeg let kunnet have 100 g på, men her er altså kun godt 60g, så jeg valgte at starte en ny frem for at kæmpe med at få det til at være der. Jeg kunne sikkert godt, men jeg har jo rigeligt med spoler.

Det er dejlig blød og bamset fiber, men det er jo også en art merino. Minder måske egentlig lidt mere om Polwarth? Det er længe siden jeg har spundet Polwarth.

12 thoughts on “More fiber stash bashing

  1. I was fortunate enough to get “The Spinner’s Book of Yarn Designs” from the local library. It truly is a really good book with good instructions/photos and interesting yarn designs. There are also small cards for each design that one could keep near the spinning wheel to remind the spinner how to make that particular yarn. I decided I would buy it at some point but not right now as I don’t know what I would do with all the yarn I made! I certainly don’t need a sampler afghan!

    1. I probably wouldn’t make ALL the yarns in it, but keep it more as inspiration and reference if I wanted to try a specific technique. Interlibrary loans is something I use A LOT, but I think it’s too new to have made it to DK. I should check before buying though, whenever that may be.

    2. I know what you mean about the wish list! Need to sell some paintings! This looks so pretty, Iand beautifully even.

    1. Tak, det er noget min indre perfektionist-kritiker lapper i sig, selvom jeg prøver at vænne hende af med det. 😉

  2. Oh, your yarn looks really lovely. So even. I aspire to spin that beautifully. You are reminding me that I have to sit down at my wheel for a bit and start practicing.

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