Such a/n/ice cold morning

Winter indeed. Dog walk at sunrise.

SÃ¥ er vinteren skudt i gang, frost ved solopgang.






Neighbour’s lawn had an unauthorized visit by this Houdini pony. I was thinking just yesterday that we hadn’t seen him around for a while, he must have heard me!

Naboens græsplæne med besøg af udbryderkongen Buller som bor længere nede af vejen. Jeg tænkte så sent som i går da jeg passerede hans fold, at det var længe siden, han har nok hørt mig den lille bandit.

11 thoughts on “Such a/n/ice cold morning

    1. Thanks – I just fired up the woodstove. But the wind is quiet today, so I much prefer the frost to the rain and storm!

    1. I guess that expression made it through the language gap, huh? 😉

      It’s deer in the first photo, quite a ways off. Stroke of luck to catch their silhouettes like that! Makes the horizon more interesting I think.

    1. It was a lovely morning, I’m glad I beat my own instincts and went out there to catch the light! (I’m such a reptile, constantly searching for a sunny spot to function)

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